Your Realtor on Maui - Alan J. Craig

rom NY, NY to Maui
I was born in New York City in 1946 and enjoyed an idyllic childhood in New York’s colorful neighborhoods.  After serving in the U.S. Navy, I joined the New York Police Department.  For 20 years, 1968 through 1988, I fought crime in New York City.  One of my earliest details was as an under cover officer in the Bronx, near Yankee Stadium.  In 1977, I was promoted to Detective and served on the Senior Citizen Robbery Unit in the Bronx.  A couple of my career highlights were guarding the Pope in 1977 and being assisted by my Mom in solving a robbery.  In my final year on the force I was solving white collar crime.
Upon my retirement from the Police Force, I studied for and received my Realtor’s license.  From 1988 to 1996, I sold real estate in New York City.  From 1989 to 1991, I also worked as a Private Bodyguard for Universal Studio Productions.  I honed my Realtor skills in the big city and then in 1996 I left - I was feeling the pull of Maui.

On my arrival on the Valley Isle, I obtained my real estate license and began selling properties specializing in South Maui.

Here is a video of me rehearsing for a Coldwell Banker presentation.

It shows the beginning and the end of my very short acting career.

However, I’ve been a Top Producer and Top Lister with Coldwell Banker Island Properties over several years.  2005 was a good year - I was made a Coldwell Banker 25 Million Dollar Club member and also a President’s Premier Club member.

here’s More to Me than That
Although I’m a highly trained professional in the Real Estate field and recognized as a proven winner, that’s not all I’m about.  I’m one of the world’s greatest Yankees fans having gone to my first game when I was seven and followed them continuously.  Hey, email me if you’re a Yankees fan! (
I enjoy playing golf and when I m not on the green, I am an avid baseball fan and like to watch sports on TV.  Other television favorites include The Biography Channel, Humphrey Bogart movies and adventure shows.  My reading pleasures lean towards detective stories and authors such as James Patterson, John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell.  Musical favorites include Ole Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

The couch can’t hold me for long.  I’m a man of action who likes to make things happen for my family and friends, for my clients and for my neighbors.

A natural organizer and a positive force, I love to get groups of people together to change things for the better or just to relax and have fun.

I have lived in Maui over 15 years and not one day passes without my renewed appreciation for being on this beautiful Island.
ore when we meet !
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